Biosofi [Biosophy]

28 juli 2009




 The Biosophy Program is intended to circumscribe and systemize biological studies in a philosophical framework to support teaching at courses on philosophy and courses on biology.

Theoretical Biosophy is an integration of biological issues into a frame of philosophy and their applications for education. Biosophical studies are approached by methods from various branches of philosophy.

The biosophical thinking is defined in five philosophical fields and discriminated from ecosophy as defined by Næss.

The term biosophy was previously used in a literary context for the analysis of human social life based on philosophy of existence and biological facts. Such a narrow circumscription of biosophy is no obstacle to widen the definition to encompass all systematic thinking on biological issues.

The Biosophy Program was issued on the internet by Anna Öhman and Svenolov Lindgren in January 1998.


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