Gotska Sandön – introduction in English


The island of Gotska Sandön is situated 38 kilometers to the north of Gotland in the Baltic Proper, 90 kilometers off the Swedish coast.

Gotska Sandön map

The area of the island is 36 square kilometers. Gotska Sandön is built up exclusively of Quaternary deposits—mainly aeolic sands. In 1910 a part of the island, and in 1963 all Gotska Sandön, was preserved as a national park.

In the 1960s I studied the natural environment of Gotska Sandön, especially the structure of the deciduous forests. These studies resulted in two papers (Lindgren 1968 and Lindgren 1969) and a series of small reports, all in Swedish.

Gotska Sandön is, as a natural center of the Baltic region, of great interest for scientists and naturalists from several countries studying biodiversity and the distribution and dispersal of plants and animals. Such studies nowadays may be better organized and coordinated in our worldwide community supported by modern information and communication technologies.

Gotska Sandön is the outmost part of the Swedish territory and a military restricted area with admittance only for Swedish citizens. Because of my work as a paleontologist at the Academy of Sciences of the Soviet Union in the 1980s and my relations to many collegues and friends in that country I decided to abandon my field studies on Gotska Sandön and not to visit the island any more.


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